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Shopping For a Cheap Nicotine-Free Vape? Here's Our Ultimate Guide

If you're a smoker or vaper trying to cut back on nicotine without breaking the bank, a cheap nicotine-free vape can be a great way to manage or curb your habit.

Investing in an affordable, nicotine-free disposable vape is a safe and effective way to limit your nicotine intake while still satisfying your cravings.

Of course, a vaping habit can quickly get expensive — especially if you're buying more than one device — which is why it's so important to shop around for the lowest prices available on cheap no-nicotine vapes.

At the same time, you want to invest in quality cheap no-nic vapes. You should never sacrifice quality ingredients, build strength, or vapor production just to save money. That's why reading reviews, comparing models, and researching to find the right product is so essential.

Today, we'll be doing just that. Join us as we examine the cheapest nicotine-free vapes that strike a balance between affordability and price.

These nicotine-free disposables generally come from some of the industry's most trusted and respected brands, though a few up-and-coming names have made the list due to their exceptional value and performance.

Our goal is to provide options that fit your budget while delivering quality flavor and a satisfying vaping experience. Ready to get started?

The Best Cheap Nicotine-Free Vapes

ARRØ MAX Plant-Powered Puffs

Arrø disposable vapes in various flavors

If you're looking for the best affordable nicotine-free vape, our ARRØ MAX Plant-Powered Puffs are the way to go. While these vapes are not the cheapest on the market, their value and our commitment to quality far outweigh the slight price premium they command.

Clean ingredients and the absence of harmful chemicals make our nicotine-free diffusers a no-brainer for anyone seeking a healthier vaping option. Our commitment to using only the cleanest ingredients available is second to none.

You will not find any nicotine, diacetyl, formaldehyde, or vitamin E acetate in ARRØ's products. Unlike many competitors, we only manufactures disposable vapes that are nicotine-free, making them specialists in the field.

ARRØ vapes are available in seven delicious varieties, including Gummy Drop, Hawaiian Ice, Watermelon Aloe Grape, Peach Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Pomegranate Ice, and Magic Mint. Flavored air gratifies the dopamine receptors without any of the health risks associated with active-ingredient vaping.

A 650 mAh rechargeable battery provides power for the roughly 5,000 puffs of e-liquids in each device, while the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, and the durable plastic can withstand accidental drops.

Click here to explore ARRØ's full product line

The Elf Bar BC5000 ZERO Nicotine

Elf Bar BC5000 nicotine free vapes

No list of disposable vapes would be complete without an entry from Elf Bar. This industry pioneer offers a variety of cheap disposable vapes with various nicotine contents, including those that are entirely nicotine-free.

The BC5000 Zero Nicotine line offers 13 ml of nicotine-free e-liquids in 11 different flavors — not quite as many flavor options as found in Elf Bar's nicotine-disposable vapes, but you should be able to find something to suit your tastes.

Like with ARRØ devices, you get a 650 mAh battery and enough vape juice for around 5,000 puffs. Dual Mesh coils produce an exceptional flavor that can easily be recharged via a USB-C cable (not included) should you drain down the battery.

One thing worth noting is that some users have reported that these flavors are less intense than those found in the brand's nicotine vapes. Additionally, there have been reported instances where the coils burn out and stop functioning with e-juice remaining in the device.

Still, Elf Bar provides high-quality vapes that will meet and exceed most users' expectations.

You can purchase the BC5000 on

Snowwolf Ease 8000 Zero

Snowwolf Ease 8000 disposable vapes

Looking for a vape that will stand out in the crowd? The Snowwolf Ease 8000 ZERO might just win the award for the most unique-looking disposable vape we've ever seen.

Designed to look like a portable cup, these disposable vapes come in dozens of different varieties. They all come with an 18 ml capacity and promise upwards of 8000 puffs from a 650 mAh rechargeable battery.

Just note that the same qualities that make this vape unique are also among its drawbacks. While fun to look at, the design could be more ergonomic. And while the aesthetics might be pleasing to some, others may find them a bit too childish.

Nevertheless, Snowwolf creates a quality disposable vape that is among the most affordable on the market. If you fancy their unique look, you should give them a try.

You can order the Snowwolf Ease 8000 on

This vape is available in both 0% and 5% nicotine strengths, so please check off the appropriate option before checkout.

Healthvape Nic-Free Pens

Healthvape Nic-Free vape pens

Some disposable vape users prefer a more inconspicuous look, and Healthvape's nic-free pens are a perfect example of how less is often more.

This nicotine-free vape pen is discreet, easy to hold, vegan, gluten-free, and available in 12 unique flavors. It's a device that can blend in practically anywhere and is perfect for those who aren't looking to draw attention to themselves with their cheap nicotine-free disposable vape.

Unlike many other options on the list, you can only get these diffusers in a vape pen form. As a result, you don't get a rechargeable battery and are limited to just 400-500 puffs per pen.

If you want the cheapest zero-nicotine disposable vape out there, look elsewhere. However, if you want peace of mind that you're purchasing an affordable, quality product, go with Healthvape, and you shouldn’t be disappointed.

You can order Healtvape's nic-free pens directly from the manufacturer's website

Flonq Max Fruity Fusion Nicotine-Free

Flonq Max nicotine-free vape

Do you like vapes that look like they fell straight out of a sci-fi movie? If so, the Flonq Max (where even the name sounds futuristic) may be the perfect choice for you.

With 14 ml of e-liquid, a 650 mAh rechargeable battery, and an estimated 10,000 puffs per device, this is a disposable vape built to go the distance. Plus, LCD e-juice and battery level indicators are always a nice touch.

We also want to mention that Flonq’s full line of nicotine disposable vapes comes in both low and zero-nicotine concentrations. It's a nice touch, especially since many brands opt to limit the flavors available for their nicotine-free offerings.

You can order the Flonq Max on

Posh Max 2.0 Zero Nicotine

Posh Max vapes in different varieties

If you want a well-rounded, affordable vape, check out Posh Disposables. These diffusers may not have the largest batteries, the highest puff counts, or the most flavors, but they make up for these deficiencies with overall quality.

Despite the modest product specs, users rave about the long-lasting flavor these vapes produce. Just note that even the fruity varieties have a hint of mint or menthol added, which may not be to everyone's liking.

If you prefer a hint of mint and are looking for a no-nonsense disposable vape, the Posh Max 2.0 is an excellent choice.

You can purchase them on

Flum ZERO Disposable Vape

Flum Zero vapes variety

Rounding out our list is the Flum ZERO Disposable Vape. At just a little over ten dollars a piece, these vapes are some of the most affordable on this list.

The Flum is non-rechargeable and boasts a modest puff capacity of 3000. It only contains 8 ml of e-liquid, less than other popular brands on this list.

For those who prioritize convenience and want a simple vape that does what you need it to do, Flum is a great option. However, if you want a vape with all the bells and whistles you can get, this may not be the best choice.

If you're interested in trying Flum, you can order them on


Is Vaping With 0 Nicotine Safe?

Vaping with zero nicotine eliminates all of the health risks that come with consuming nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical that is associated with multiple potential issues like high blood pressure and heart problems. It can even have adverse effects on brain development in younger users.

By opting for a zero-nicotine or low-nicotine disposable vape, you can enjoy vaping without these added risks. For a comprehensive guide to the safety of nicotine-free vapes, please click here.

Where Can You Buy Vapes With 0% Nicotine?

Today, you can find nicotine-free vapes anywhere regular vapes are sold. Online retailers, specialized vape shops, and even gas stations and general stores sell them.

Of course, buying your vapes from a retailer with a proven track record for quality and safety is always important. To learn more, please refer to this article.

What Is the Cheapest Form of Vaping?

Nicotine-free disposable vapes are often cheaper than traditional vapes. Of course, costs vary depending on the brand, where you buy your vapes, and how often you use them. Thankfully when you’re seeking a cheap vape pen, no nicotine generally costs you less.

What Are the Main Ingredients in 0% Vape Juice?

Zero nicotine disposable vapes typically contain water, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. Manufacturers combine natural or artificial flavors to give the vape juice its unique taste. Be sure to check each brand's label for a detailed list of ingredients.

Can You Still Get a ‘Throat-Hit’ From Nicotine-Free Vapes?

One of the drawbacks of non-nicotine vapes is that when using one, it's challenging to get the 'throat hit' many users enjoy from nicotine-based vaping or cigarette smoking. This feeling is primarily determined by how much nicotine is in the vape. Without any nicotine, users are unlikely to experience this unique sensation.

However, vapes that include caffeine or other active ingredients can provide a reasonable approximation in some cases.

Can Nicotine-Free Vapes Help Me Quit Smoking?

Absolutely! Many users find zero nicotine disposable vapes are a highly effective way to cut back on smoking cigarettes. These vapes provide a sensation similar to that of smoking without the harmful and addictive effects of nicotine.

Takeaways: The Benefits of Vaping Without Nicotine

woman forming heart with her both hands

Vaping without nicotine has several benefits. It eliminates the addictive effects of nicotine and can help reduce your physical dependency on the chemical.

If you're trying to give up smoking cigarettes or switch from a nicotine disposable to a non-nicotine variant, adding a cheap vape from the list above is a great idea.

Remember, ARRØ vapes are specifically designed to be used as cessation devices to help smokers quit. As such, they contain no nicotine, tobacco, or harmful chemicals — just clean ingredients delivered via an aromatherapy-grade inhaler. And that's something everyone can feel good about: Vapes, no nicotine, cheap.

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