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Our Top 7 Low-Nicotine Vapes in 2024

Are you looking for the best low-nicotine vapes? Perhaps you’re finding 5% nicotine and 3% nicotine vapes too much for you to handle? Or are you just trying to quit without all the negative side effects of going cold turkey?

Low-nicotine vapes are becoming increasingly popular because of the smoother, less intense experience they offer. They are a great option if you’re looking to quit nicotine altogether, but want to start by reducing your nicotine consumption over time.

If that sounds like a good deal to you, we’ve got you covered with a curated selection of the best low-nicotine vapes we’ve tested.

We’ve tried to include something for everyone, with a variety of flavors and device styles, and in concentrations from 4% all the way down to 0% options for those who just enjoy the flavor and sensation of vaping. Without further ado, let’s get into the list:

Best Low-Nicotine Vapes


ARRØ Max banner

ARRØ products are aromatherapy inhalers, so they go beyond low-nicotine and are completely nicotine-free. That means that technically they have the lowest nicotine content out there. With no nicotine, ARRØ vapes are a great option for anyone looking for a satisfying vaping experience without any unnecessary additives.

If you’re someone who enjoys the ritual or sensation of vaping but you don’t want any nicotine, ARRØ vapes are a great way to get that experience. Our long-lasting aromatherapy devices that still give you the same sensation and throat hit, but the only ingredients are all-natural organic flavors.

This composition makes these a great low nicotine vape option for someone looking to quit nicotine vapes or anyone who wants to enjoy the great taste and sensation of vaping without worrying about the complications of ingesting nicotine or other questionable substances.

Some of the company’s more popular flavors are Watermelon Aloe Grape, Peach Berry, and Gummy Drop. Standard ARRØ vapes provide approximately 2000 puffs per device, while larger ARRØ Max vapes provide approximately 5000 puffs.

2. Mi-Pod EB BC5000

EBCreate BC5000 Strawberry Kiwi

The EB Design brand from Mi-Pod (formerly known as Elf Bar) is a titan of the industry, so it's probably no surprise that it offers low-nicotine options. The BC5000 is perhaps its best-known option, and for a good reason.

As far as nicotine content is concerned, Mi-Pod’s standard option contains 40 mg, but there are also nicotine-free versions available in many flavors. Mi-Pod really spoils you there with countless tasty flavors like Strawberry Kiwi, Cranberry Grape, and Brown Tobacco.

This low-nicotine disposable vape has a compact, sleek form factor that fits comfortably in hand and slides into most pockets for easy on-the-go use. The disposable design is similarly convenient since you don’t need to fuss with refills or recharges.

Each BC5000 disposable vape should last for at least 5000 puffs.

Visit the Mi-Pod Website

3. Mi-Pod EB TE6000

Mi-Pod EB TE6000 Juicy Peach

While not as well known as the flagship BC5000, the EB TE6000 is a similarly great option. The only reason that it’s ranked beneath the BC5000 is that the TE6000 is only available in 40 mg strengths, so you don’t have access to any zero nicotine options.

You are, however, similarly spoiled with flavor options, including delicious options like Juicy Peach, Ice Mint, and Autumn. The dual mesh coil delivers consistent, smooth, and flavorful puffs. These vapes also last longer, each providing 6000 puffs or more.

These vapes also look great, with cool semi-transparent cases, metallic bases, and bright colors to match the wild flavor profiles.

Visit the Mi-Pod Website


KadoBar BR5000 Strawberry Ice

KADOBAR is another fan favorite in the world of low-nicotine disposable vapes and a name you’ve probably heard before. In addition to its 5% and 3% nicotine offerings, KADOBAR also produces nicotine-free versions of all its most popular flavors and pre-filled devices.

The company offers a variety of flavors and specializes in fruit, mint, and iced concoctions. However, it also has a few candy and soda options for those who want something a little bit different from their vape’s flavor profile.

As you’d expect, these higher-end devices all use a mesh coil, come pre-charged, and recharge via USB Type C.

Visit the KADOBAR Website

5. Cloud Nurdz Disposable Vape

Cloud Nurdz Apple Grape

Cloud Nurdz specializes in fruit and candy-flavored vapes, making this low-nicotine vaping device great for those with a serious sweet tooth. Our favorite flavors are Strawberry Grape and Melon Kiwi, but there are over 30 available for you to try.

The company’s smallest device is a 3500 puff disposable with 10ml of liquid and a USB Type C charging port. This model also features a mesh coil for smooth, full-flavored puffs right up to the very last hit. Cloud Nurdz also offers larger 4500 and 5000 puff devices if you’re looking to make your favorite flavor last a little longer.

Finally, the company also offers e-liquid versions of almost all of their flavors, so if you have a refillable vape you want to top up with your favorite Cloud Nurdz flavor, that’s an option as well. Most of their products are available in 0%, 3%, and 5% nicotine formulations.

Visit the Cloud Nurdz Website

6. Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape

Lost Mary BM600 Watermelon Lemon

The Lost Marry BM600 is another option we love that is available in a variety of nicotine concentrations, including 0%, 2%, and 3%.

Lost Mary produces vapes in a lot of crowd-pleasing flavors, including Pink Grapefruit, Pink Lemonade, Red Apple, Cola, and over 15 others, so it is a great option if you like to have a variety of similar devices.

These devices also use a mesh coil for consistent vapor production and a smooth, even pull that doesn’t vary much from puff to puff. This setup makes it a lot easier to regulate the amount of nicotine you’re actually taking in.

A consistent dosage from a quality device will make quitting or stepping down much more manageable, and this brand can make sense if you’re just looking for just such a smooth experience.

Visit the Lost Mary Website

7. SKE Crystal Bar Disposables

SKE Crystal Bar Disposable Mango Ice

Maybe you’re looking for a small, sleek disposable option. If so, SKE’s Crystal Bar disposable vapes make a great pick. They’re tiny at just 2ml capacity, but you get 600+ puffs out of that load thanks to the device’s nice mesh coil and sensitive draw.

These are some of the most satisfying small disposables we’ve ever tried, and they also look great. SKE products make a great choice if you want something discrete or something that won’t take up a lot of room in your pockets or purse.

These vapes are also, in our opinion, some of the nicest looking disposables out there, with the clear case, and might look a little more “for grownups” than some of the garish, brightly colored options out there. Crystal Bar vapes look and feel like high-end cosmetics.

Visit the SKE Website

Are Low-Nicotine Vapes Better for You?

man sitting on a rock looking over the green forest

There still isn’t much research being done on the health effects of low-nicotine vapes as compared to higher-nicotine diffusers, or even as compared to traditional cigarettes.

However, we do know that there are risks associated with nicotine use — risks like anxiety, addiction, and increased blood pressure. We also know that traditional cigarettes have all sorts of dangerous chemicals in them beyond just nicotine.

For these reasons, it’s probably a good idea for people trying to live healthier lifestyles to switch to low or no-nicotine vapes.

What Counts as Low-Nicotine?

Low nicotine devices typically include concentrations of 3% nicotine or less, with most being in the 0-2% range.

3% Nicotine Vapes

3% nicotine vapes (equivalent to 30 mg/ml) are a good transition formulation for users moving from higher nicotine strength vaping devices or smoking cigarettes. However, they still deliver a moderate amount of nicotine, about on par with something like a standard Juul pod.

Still, if you’re moving from a 5% vape or close to a pack-a-day smoking habit, a step down to a 3% vape is a great way to start tapering off. There are also 4% devices out there if you want to taper more gradually, depending on what your timeline is and what works for you.

3% vapes are also going to just be a lot smoother than you are used to, with less throat burn, so if you aren’t necessarily trying to quit but find 5% vapes hit a little hard, 3% devices are a great alternative.

KadoBar, Cloud Nurdz, and many other companies have 3% devices available.

2% Nicotine Vapes

2% nicotine solution, equivalent to 20 mg/ml, is an excellent middle ground, and a great starting point if you’re looking to simply lower your nicotine intake at the start of an attempt to quit.

This concentration is a perfect formulation to start with if you’re coming off of a 3 mg vape and want to start stepping yourself down or just want something with less throat burn.

Some 2% nicotine vapes include Lost Mary and SKE Crystal Bar, both of which are great options if you’re trying to lower your nicotine intake for any reason.

1% Nicotine Vapes

If you’re looking to go as low as possible, 1% nicotine vapes are generally the limit unless you’re mixing your own e-liquid or ordering something special. Honestly, there’s not much reason to go lower than this without switching to a 0% option that’s totally nicotine-free.

In fact, in their final weeks of quitting, many people we’ve spoken to have had success by carrying around both a 1% nicotine vape and a 0% nicotine vape so that they have an option for when they feel they need the nicotine and an option for when they just want to satisfy their oral fixation on the sensation of vaping.

0% Nicotine

0% options are also available, and an excellent choice for anyone who finds they miss the ritual and sensation of vaping but wants to avoid nicotine. If you enjoy the flavors and feelings of vaping but don’t want the nicotine, try a 0% option.

These vapes can be a great tool to help you quit, especially if you have an oral fixation or just really enjoy that “throat hit” and the flavor of your vape. Many people we’ve talked to have found success with a 0% vape and a vape in the 1-3% range.

If you have both on you, you can use the 0% nicotine option to help quell the cravings a little bit without actually taking in any more nicotine. Still, you also have your low-nicotine option available if you really need an addiction-satisfying hit.

This approach can also help reduce the anxiety some folks feel when they don’t have a nicotine source on hand. We have set up a separate list of the best no-nicotine vapes for those who might want to go down this route.


Low and no-nicotine vapes are an excellent option for people who are trying to quit cigarettes or nicotine in general, and also a superb option for those who want a less intense experience from their regular nicotine vape.

These low-nicotine vapes are especially helpful if you’re someone who is looking for the experience of smoking or vaping — the same sensations, smells, and rituals — without the same amount of nicotine.

If you’re looking for less nicotine in every hit of your vape, give these a try and see what you think!

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