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Why Does My Vape Have No Flavor? (Top Causes & What to Do)

Vapes with no flavor are no fun. After all, taste is likely one of the reasons you started vaping in the first place. So, it can be incredibly frustrating when your vape stops delivering the flavor intensity you’re used to, and you may ask, “Why does my vape have no flavor?”

This article looks at a few common reasons your vape may produce a different flavor than it once did, along with some suggestions for reviving it. So, if your vape doesn’t taste like anything, here’s what to do about it:

Common Reasons Your Vape May be Lacking Flavor (and How to Fix Them)

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Cheap Vape Juice

Everyone loves a bargain — we get it! However, one of the most common reasons your vape may fail to tickle your taste buds is that the vape juice you've chosen is simply “weak sauce.”

You can taste the flavor difference between a knock-off soft drink and the real thing. In the same manner, if the quality of the ingredients in your e-liquid isn’t up to par, it stands to reason that you will have a less-than-optimal experience in the flavor department.

Many manufacturers that produce discount vape juice use cheap flavor concentrates or low-quality ingredients that don't create a vibrant flavor. In fact, most people describe flavors from vapes like these as muted at best.

So, the first thing to look at if you're getting no taste from your vape is whether or not the juice inside uses a high-quality formulation.

If you stick with manufacturers with plenty of reviews and a long track record of satisfying customers, you can have confidence that the flavors will stand out. We’ve compiled lists of the 6 Best Fruit Vapes No Nicotine and Best Nicotine Free Vapes to get you started.

“Vaper's Fatigue”

Also known as “Vaper’s Tongue,” this condition mutes your taste receptors if you overdo it during your vaping sessions. Your taste buds start to lose some of their ability to taste the vape juice, resulting in tokes that seem to have no flavor.

Think about what it’s like when you smell a cologne or perfume for the first time. Initially, the sensation is probably pretty intense. But after a while, you might notice it less and less as you get used to the aroma — vaper’s tongue is the oral inhalation flavor equivalent.

There's an easy fix for Vaper’s Tongue: simply take a break. Putting down the vape for even a few hours should help you perceive the full depth of flavor again, but many people recommend stopping vaping for at least 12 hours to allow your taste buds to reset fully.

Coil Problems

Two main problems with your coils can adversely affect the flavor of your vape. The first occurs when they’re simply dirty.

When you think about what a vape does — heat and vaporize a liquid to turn it into faux “smoke” — it becomes easy to see that coils can accumulate residue much like a car engine can accumulate soot from burning gasoline.

Although this is not always the case, if dirt is the reason for the lack of flavor, you'll likely see a thin layer of film on your vape coil. Again, this has an easy — clean it!

Of course, this assumes your coil is not so dirty and neglected that you can't salvage it. If it is, you'll simply have to get a fresh coil.

The second problem your coil can develop is overheating and burning out. When this happens, the burnt taste will be passed on, co-mingling with the vapor you inhale.

When a coil gets too hot, it burns the vape juice and your device's wick, ruining the flavor of even the best e-liquid.

If your vape is losing flavor and tasting “off” or burnt, a burnt coil is the most likely cause.

When this happens, there's no coming back from it and no way around replacing the coil. Some manufacturers will suggest regularly changing out coils to prevent problems like these from happening in the first place.

If you want to avoid them, make sure that you stay within the manufacturer’s recommended wattage and temperature range when vaping. If you don't, you can encounter problems beyond those involving overtaxing your coil.

Problems With Your Device’s Wattage or Temperature Settings

A vape works by heating e-juice and vaporizing it so that inhalation can deliver the liquid ingredients throughout your lungs. For that to happen effectively, the power settings on your diffusing device must be optimal.

Wattage and temperature are the most important settings on a vape device. If you're using a device that lets you adjust these settings, check to ensure you haven’t inadvertently changed them.

If the settings are too low, your device may not be able to vaporize the e-juice fully. When this happens, you won't extract the full flavor from the liquid formulation.

When the settings are too high, you get the opposite effect. Your device may scorch or burn the liquid, resulting in flavors that aren't weak but taste burnt instead. The solution? Once again, we must defer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your vaping device.

Playing around with settings to tweak a vape for more flavor is okay. But if you start to experience flavors that aren't what you're used to or what you were expecting, it's best to revert to the "factory settings” and see if that solves the problem.

Problems With Your Vape Device

These problems are the vaping equivalent of a “Check Engine” light in your car—a catchall category that offers few specifics. Something undefined may be wrong with your device, causing it to lose flavor.

It's difficult to say what that might be because so much depends on the particular device you're using.

In general, check things like your battery (to ensure that it's fully charging), your settings (to ensure you haven’t changed them inadvertently), and the diffusers’ intake and other parts (to see if they are clogged or jammed).

If a vape juice you used and enjoyed before suddenly becomes unpalatable, give your device a quick once-over to see if you can notice any visual signs of malfunction.

On a related note, you can generally lessen the possibility of having problems with your device if you don't buy bargain basement vapes in the first place.

Vapes that cost a little bit more tend to have higher-quality components — like better wicking systems and coils — which play a massive role in the quality of your vape’s flavor.

We’ve also compiled a list of the best-flavored vapes without nicotine, which should be helpful.

VG/PG Ratios that are Out of Whack

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Two components are used in all vape juices to carry flavor and produce the vapor cloud that gives the hobby its name.

These are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Propylene glycol is the most responsible for delivering the flavor of these two. Vegetable glycerin is generally responsible for producing the vapor cloud.

If you suddenly don't get much flavor from your vape, the ratio between these two crucial e-juice components could be out of balance.

With some diffusers, you can adjust it; try increasing the PG load to get more flavor. This adjustment can enhance the flavor and make your vape taste better.

Liquids that are Past their Prime

Nothing lasts forever, not even vape juice. Although it's harder to tell if your vape juice is past its best-before date than whether the milk in your refrigerator has spoiled, expired e-juice is definitely an issue that can affect any vape's flavor.

Most guidance warns that vape juice will tend to lose its flavor after about six months. So, if your vape juice is older than that, it could be a problem.

The solution to this one is easy: note any expiration dates on the packaging and pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations for any "Use By" dates it may have included.

Underpowered or Failing Batteries

Like vape juice, batteries don't last forever. The battery in your diffuser has limited charging cycles before it starts losing power. If you've had your Vape for a while and it suddenly seems not to perform as it once did, consider changing the battery.

Are Vapes Safe for You, and What are the Potential Side Effects?

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A large part of this answer depends on whether we're talking about vapes with nicotine or nicotine-free vapes.

Vapes with nicotine are never a good idea — nicotine is terrible news all by itself. It has been linked to everything from high blood pressure to heart attacks. So it's impossible to call a vape with nicotine safe.

Non-nicotine vapes certainly don't carry those same specific hazards. But that doesn't mean they're entirely risk-free.

If you overdo it, vaping can lead to things like shortness of breath, coughing, dry mouth, headaches, and dizziness, to name a few of the more common side effects.

Bottom line? Know your limits. And if you experience side effects that concern you, it's best to take a break, switch brands, or, if the issues persist, stop vaping altogether.

“Why Does My Vape Have No Flavor?” Well, Now You Know

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Although not a 100% exhaustive list, the breakdown above is a good look into some of the most common reasons your vape might be lacking in the flavor department. Our advice should help you solve most problems.

Of course, if you're looking for great flavor from your vapes, the best solution is to start with a brand like ARRØ, which delivers flavors with rave reviews. Stick with what works, and enjoy full flavor every day.

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