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The Best Tobacco-Free Vape

Vaping and vapers are changing. Today, there's more of a demand for natural alternatives that are less harmful than vapes filled with THC and nicotine. Who doesn’t want a tobacco-free vape?

Serving that demand is a cadre of manufacturers willing to satisfy with tons of options for tobacco- and nicotine-free vapes.

That’s a good thing and a bad thing — while you have more choices than ever, figuring out which vapes are worth your time can be difficult. That’s why we’re here!

Below is our list of the best of the best from among all of the nicotine-free options we tested. Let us show you the path.

The Top 8 Tobacco-Free Non-Nicotine Vapes


ARRØ Max vape

ARRØ staked a claim as one of the original brands to follow the "Plant-Powered Puff" philosophy, and we are still one of the best pared-down-to-the-essentials nicotine-free vape brands around.

Our nicotine-free and additive-free approach favors flavor over the herbs and vitamins other brands might add. We make what's called a "flavored air" vape, meaning there's nothing inside an ARRØ MAX besides flavor.

Each ARRØ MAX zero nicotine disposable vape lasts for around 5,000 inhales, making ours one of the longer-lasting nicotine-free options you'll find.

With centerpiece flavors, including Green Punch, Jolly Berries, and Arctic Peach, you’re sure to find one you want to try, and we couldn’t recommend a better place to start your tobacco-free vaping adventure.

Shop ARRØ here


HELO vape

In the “vape pen: no tobacco” category, MELO and HELO have long been standout solutions. Although the same company manufactures them, they serve vape users seeking two different ends.

MELO, which features melatonin as its main active ingredient, is a non-tabacco vape designed to help you relax. In contrast, its cousin, HELO, is designed to deliver a boost of energy from the caffeine packed into its e-juice.

We adore how both zero-nicotine vapes feature only all-natural ingredients, and neither contains harmful chemicals such as diacetyl or Vitamin E Acetate — compounds linked to severe health conditions like "Popcorn Lung."

MELO and HELO are also two front-runners in the nicotine- and tobacco-free vape pen flavor race. You'll find long-lasting essence options ranging from classics, like Midnight Mint and Banana Ice, to innovative blends like Cotton Candy and Gummy Bear.

In terms of longevity, we recommend either MELO or HELO in the Plus model, which should deliver around 800 puffs.

Shop MELO and HELO here


HealthVape Vital

Nicotine-free HealthVape has been profiled on our blog previously (see our article on Pros and Cons of Vaping Without Nicotine). Still, it also deserves a spot on this list thanks to its high-quality ingredients, solid and loyal following, and long list of options to satisfy just about any taste.

Like MELO and HELO, HealthVape is a tobacco-free disposable vape that falls into the functional vape category, which means it packs vitamins and herbs to produce a physiological effect.

For example, its Energy vape contains caffeine and vitamin B12, while Chill is packed with chamomile and lavender.

HealthVape makes non-tobacco vapes in six flavor and ingredient combinations, which you can explore on the company's website by clicking the link below.

Shop HealthVape here

Ezee Puff

Ezee Puff+

Ezee Puff is an interesting manufacturer of non-tobacco vapes for a few reasons. But the one that first jumps out for us is that we can choose between nicotine and nicotine-free options when buying its flagship Ezee Go line of disposables.

Ezee Go vapes look like traditional tobacco cigarettes (or the classic e-cigarettes of old) and come in three nicotine strengths — 20 mg, 12 mg, and 0 mg (i.e., nicotine-free).

That means they can either be non-tobacco electronic cigarettes or relatively strong traditional e-cigs. Each Ezee Go comes in one of two flavors — Tobacco or Menthol — and should last for around 400 puffs.

The Ezee Puff+ is a bit different. As a disposable vape pen, the Puff+ is only available in a nicotine-free formulation. It features 2 ml of vape juice, should last around 600 puffs, and comes in eight flavors — Apple, Mint, Blueberry, Cappuccino, Fruit Jam, Orange Mint, Tobacco, Menthol, and Pink Lemonade.

Shop Ezee Puff here



VitaminVape was one of the first nicotine and tobacco-free vape companies to put vitamins front and center in its formulation. The vitamin, in this case, is B12. And we adore how each VitaminVape has a boatload in it.

Each mango-flavored vape contains enough e-juice for around 30 servings of 5-10 puffs each. They’re designed to last for a month of "once a day" vaping. Each of those 30 servings contains 133 mcg of B12, with the complete disposable containing a whopping 4,000 mcg of B12.

Vitamin B12 is VitaminVape's answer to other vapes, like HELO mentioned above, that contain caffeine.

However, while B12 is a vitamin that does help provide energy, it's not a substitute for the immediate energy boost caffeine provides. Instead, it's more of a slow burn, supporting your energy levels "in the background" over the long haul.

Shop VitaminVape here



CAPNOS offers two "guilt-free" alternatives to standard vapes — CAPNOS Zero and CAPNOS E-Z. Both devices are essentially flavored air inhalers, which means that they mimic the act of vaping without delivering any nicotine or other substances known to cause serious harm.

Crucially, both devices also deliver what users describe as a "satisfying" throat hit — an element of both vaping with nicotine and smoking that people find hard to give up when transitioning to non-nicotine vapes.

The CAPNOS Zero device uses wicks and "FlavorTubes," which contain peppermint extract, to deliver that sharp sensation of a vape "hit" without the chemicals and additives that generally come with heat-generating atomizing diffusers.

The CAPNOS E-Z is similar to the Zero but requires 50% less effort to generate the same throat-hit sensation. This alternate model switches up the flavor profile, swapping peppermint for lavender.

Shop CAPNOS here


Cyclone Gust Super

Cyclone offers both disposable vape pens and pre-filled e-juice pods, with a nice mix of options that are designed to help people give up cigarettes — like its Tobacco and Bold Tobacco offerings, both of which taste like tobacco without actually containing any.

Our team was impressed to see that the company’s disposables come in three sizes: Gust, good for 200 puffs; Gust Plus, suitable for 600; and Gust Super, which tips the scales at 5,000 puffs per device.

In addition to the tobacco-flavored options mentioned above, you'll also find standard options like Strawberry, Watermelon, and other fruit-based flavors.

Shop Cyclone here



We'll wrap up our list with another tobacco- and nicotine-free vape option that's not a vape at all — MONQ.

Developed by a retired orthopedic surgeon who "spent years helping people feel better," MONQ differs from the other products on this list in several ways.

First, you don't inhale MONQ's vapor into your lungs. Instead, the vapor from a MONQ diffuser device is designed to be inhaled through your mouth and immediately exhaled through your nose.

This technique, the company says, allows you to fully "stimulate your olfactory receptors" and get the full aromatherapy benefit from whichever flavor you've chosen.

As for those flavors, you have 10 to choose from. But because each flavor comes with or without CBD, there are actually 20 different varieties. Some examples include Sleepy, which combines bergamot, chamomile, and lavender; Ocean, with eucalyptus, lime, and tangerine; Happy, packed with fennel, thyme and vanilla; and Love, containing cacao, peppermint and vanilla.

Shop MONQ here


What is a tobacco-free nicotine vape?

A tobacco-free, non-nicotine vape is a vape that has replaced harmful nicotine with pure flavors, natural herbs, vitamins, supplements, or some combination thereof.

This kind of tobacco-free electronic cigarette will generally contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or a mix of the two as the base to carry whatever flavors or other ingredients into your lungs.

You should be aware that it's possible to buy a tobacco-free vape that does contain synthetically produced nicotine, but those aren't the types of vapes we’re covering in this article.

Can you buy tobacco-free vapes?

Yes, you can buy nicotine- and tobacco-free vapes, and probably in more places than you can buy their tobacco-containing cousins. The easiest way to purchase tobacco-free vapes is directly from a brand’s website, where you’re most likely to find the best variety and likely the best prices.

You can also find them for sale at local specialty retailers, online retailers, and even some gas stations and convenience stores.

Is there a natural vape?

Yes, nicotine-free vapes that contain only natural ingredients do exist, and they aren’t filled with a bunch of toxic chemicals, artificial colors, and synthetic flavorings.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they will be safe. Remember that tobacco, for example, is a natural ingredient, and so is nicotine. So, the fact that a vape is “natural” doesn’t automatically mean it's safe.

The nicotine-free vapes on our list above contain natural ingredients and are free of substances known to cause harm, like vitamin E acetate and diacetyl.

Interested in nicotine- and tobacco-free vape pens? See our full article on Natural Vape Pens with No Nicotine for more.

Is there a healthy vape alternative?

Yes, the nicotine-free vape juices and nicotine-free disposables on our list above are all considered healthier than vapes that contain loads of artificial chemicals or flavorings — or nicotine. See our full article on 10 Healthiest Vapes and Vape Alternatives to learn more.

Tobacco-Free Vape Options Abound!

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Tobacco-free vapes are quickly gaining popularity as people increasingly turn to healthier alternatives. While the market is flooded with options, we think our list above is a great place to start if you're looking for a great vape that’ll help you ditch nicotine and its harmful effects.

If this is your first foray into nicotine-free vaping, we recommend you give our ARRØ MAX a try to learn what you like and don’t like about the different aspects of this new vaping experience. Good luck!

For more on our quest to find the best nicotine & tobacco-free vape, check out our articles on Are 0 Nicotine Vapes Safe?, Where to Buy Nicotine-Free Vapes and 10 Healthiest Vapes and Vape Alternatives.

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