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ARRØ MAX – Hawaiian Ice (5,000 Puffs) Plant Powered Aromatherapy Device, Single Pack

ARRØ MAX – Hawaiian Ice (5,000 Puffs) Plant Powered Aromatherapy Device, Single Pack

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  • 5,000 inhales
  • Plant powered & nicotine free
  • Curb your nicotine addiction
  • No diacetyl, no formaldehyde, and no vitamin E acetate

The ARRØ Max plant-based vape can help curb your nicotine addiction! Unlike other nicotine free vapes, ARRØ vapes are not only free of nicotine and tobacco, but they also don’t contain any diacetyl, formaldehyde, or vitamin E acetate.

Each aromatherapy inhaler contains 5,000 inhales. It’s a long lasting supply of plant-fueled energy that you can carry around in your pocket, and every puff comes with a burst of delicious Hawaiian Ice flavor. Also, every ARRØ device is rechargeable with any USB-C cord.

Any time there is a sudden urge or oral fixation, use ARRØ Max to satisfy cravings and wane off of the harmful habits!

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Ingredients Matter

The ARRØ Max is one of the most pure plant vapes on the market, and contains 3 ingredients:

Flavoring from fruit extracts

Propylene glycol

Vegetable glycerin

That's it!

ARRØ MAX – Hawaiian Ice (5,000 Puffs) Plant Powered Aromatherapy Device, Single Pack

100% Clarity & Worry-free Inhalation

Our inhalers are plant-powered and contain:

ZERO Nicotine

You don’t have to worry about getting hooked.

ZERO Diacetyl

No risk of “popcorn lung”.

ZERO Vitamin E Acetate

This additive is linked to almost all vape-related injuries, so we won’t touch it.

  • You’re looking to quit nicotine

    Our plant vapes will help you overcome your nicotine addiction by mimicking the physical act of smoking or vaping with nicotine but without delivering as many harmful chemicals.

  • You want fewer harmful ingredients

    ARRØ’s vapes are not only free of nicotine and tobacco, but they also don’t contain any diacetyl, formaldehyde, or vitamin E acetate (3 dangerous substances that many other vape manufacturers still use).

  • You’re looking for a rechargeable disposable vape

    Every ARRØ device is rechargeable with any USB-C cord. That means you can charge your ARRØ with the same cord you use to charge your phone (so your vape can deliver great taste wherever and whenever you need it).

    Even though the ARRØ Max vape is disposable, the charging component ensures your last hit is as good as your first!

  • You want a plant vape that lasts

    While the vapes are small and compact, they last longer than most. A 5,000-puff capacity means they may offer weeks or even months of daily use.

  • You’re looking for a smooth throat hit

    Experience a smooth throat hit with less harshness or irritation, and satisfy your cravings without the adverse effects of nicotine.

  • You want mouth-bursting, delicious flavors

    Each puff offers a rich and aromatic taste that is carefully balanced for a delightful vaping experience. From fruity and refreshing to indulgent dessert flavors, our vapes cater to a wide range of taste preferences.

How To Use an ARRØ Max Plant Vape

1. Open the packaging and
remove the rubber cap.

2. Place the opening to your lips.

3. Breathe it in, hold for a few seconds, and breathe out.

Open the packaging, remove the rubber cap, and place the opening to your lips. Give it a tap and inhale. The device will automatically release a tasty puff of vapor. Breathe it in, hold it for a few seconds, and breathe out.

ARRØ Max vapes contain about 5,000 puffs each. (The exact number depends on how deeply you breathe in!) You’ll know it’s time to replace your plant vape when you no longer get the vapor and the flavor.

ARRØ Max in Magic Mint flavor

Safety Info 

Though all vaping (including nicotine free vaping) carries some safety risk, we’ve made our plant vapes as safe as possible by stripping them down to their essential ingredients. You’ll be hard pressed to find a vape with fewer additives and synthetic components anywhere.

With that said, every individual’s case is different, and you should be wary of any potential side effects.

In addition, we don’t allow the sale of ARRØ Max vapes to individuals under 18 years old.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Bit much

The shipping with this company is very fast which is nice, but the flavors and scents are a lot. I could smell it as soon as I opened the packaging, and the taste is very strong. This one tastes like artificial watermelon.

Sabrina Mastroberardino
Exactly what i wanted

This was exactly what I wanted and was looking for. The hit is smooth and easy, satisfies my cravings.. the taste is delicious like a fruity light menthol. It’s super cute and a perfect size. Overall, it helps with my cravings.. I’m trying to quit My vape which is the Vuse E vape.

Tarin Massey
I enjoy this!

I got this to help me stop vaping. It is very satisfying & a perfect alternative to other vapes with nicotine. I puffs & flavor is very satisfying. I definitely recommend this!

Linda Lou
Zero Max is a good buy!

This has been a great tool to aid in quitting nicotine. I quit smoking about 8 months ago, went to vape and have now been using nicotine free for a month and this was the best for me by far. Highly recommend

Sweet & Satisfying

Taste: sweet and delicious
Texture: super nice hit and very cooling
Look/feat: such a cute design, and I love the textured crinkly but smooth outside.
Longevity: it lasts a long time (to me), and it's so strange not having to refill something once every day or two. I've had this a week and it is going strong. Tastes great, and I've only kinda had to put in on a charger twice I think. I didn't even have to, but it did improve the quality.
Visual: I love that there is a white cloud 'reward' so your hits are visible.

I will give the disclaimer to those of you who suffer from or struggle with addiction and dependencies, that I do not have that genetic component, so you'll have to find out for yourself if this helps you quit or supplement in a better habit by cutting the nicotine hits down. However, I can tell you, my friend who has two salt nic vapes requested my Hawaiian ice Zero Max the last 3 days more than he used his own that have nicotine.

I do enjoy nicotine sometimes, but not that much because I prefer the hit habit rather than the feeling of nicotine. So a huge PRO about this, is that you can take wayyyy more puffs of this and not have negative effects whereas you can only take so many puffs of nicotine a session/minute, hour, day etc.

This does not overheat as well so every hit is very nice. Overall 10/10


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