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8 Best Safe Vapes, No Nicotine in 2024 (In-Depth Guide)

Finding a safe and healthy vape without nicotine can be a daunting task. With so many brands to choose from, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Safe vapes, no nicotine, at a cost you can afford? That’s the dream.

The good news is that searching for a nicotine-free vape doesn't need to be complicated. In this article, we have curated a list of the eight safest zero-nicotine vapes on the market in 2024. We evaluated these vapes based on their ingredients, flavor varieties, build qualities, and customer satisfaction.

Whether you're looking for something to help you quit smoking or need a healthier alternative to a traditional nicotine disposable vape, this list has everything you need and more. Ready to explore the safest nicotine-free vapes of 2024? Let's dive in.

Best Safe Vapes, No Nicotine

1. Best — ARRØ Max Plant-Powered Puffs

ARRØ Max Plant-Powered Puffs in Magic Mint flavor

Our ARRØ Max and its plant-powered puffs are number one on our list. First off, we are a brand that deals exclusively in nicotine-free vapes. Unlike some manufacturers that simply create nicotine-free alternatives to their existing vapes, ARRØ only manufactures zero-nicotine vape juice and pre-filled devices.

Whether you're trying to cut down on smoking cigarettes or eliminate your nicotine consumption, ARRØ vapes are specifically formulated with your safe, nicotine-free vape needs in mind.

We use a nicotine-free vape juice that is free of harmful substances like tobacco, diacetyl, formaldehyde, and vitamin E acetate. All ARRØ e-liquids contain a simple mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, mint extracts, and natural and artificial flavors.

Beyond that, ARRØ understands that cutting down on nicotine doesn't mean cutting down on vaping, so its devices are engineered to last you for weeks to come. You get a 650 mAh rechargeable battery providing roughly 5,000 puffs per device. Should the battery die before the vape juice runs out, you can always recharge your device via USB-C cable.

ARRØ offers nine unique flavors guaranteed to satisfy any tastes and preferences. Combining this range with our commitment to using only the safest and cleanest ingredients makes ARRØ the industry leader in non-nicotine vapes.

Click here to learn more about the ARRØ brand, its vapes, and its commitment to quality

2. MELO Plus Melatonin Diffuser

Melo Plus Melatonin Diffuser in Blue Cloud flavor

MELO is another brand that produces nicotine-free vapes that are free from harmful chemicals and addictive substances. Like ARRØ’s, these vapes contain clean and safe ingredients with an added touch of melatonin to help you unwind before going to bed.

Unlike ARRØ Vapes, these devices are non-rechargeable, which makes them perfect for anyone who wants a no-fuss vaping solution. Small, discreet, and easy to hold, they are perfect for anyone wishing to reduce or eliminate their nicotine intake.

Some of MELO's most popular flavors include Orange Dreamsicle, Cosmic Berry, and Cotton Candy. Customers praise these vapes for their simple design, ease of use, and flavor quality.

If you're in the market for a nicotine-free vape specifically formulated to help you get a better night's sleep, a MELO diffuser might just be your ideal choice.

Click here to learn more about Melo Vapes

3. HealthVape Vitamin-Infused Pens

Health Vape Vitamin-Infused Pen in Berry Mint flavor

As the name implies, HealthVape specializes in producing zero-nicotine vape pens that mitigate many of the health risks of traditional nicotine vapes. Each vape juice formulation the company offers contains an added vitamin or supplement to suit your wellness plans.

You can choose between safe vape pens with no nicotine containing vitamin B12, vitamin C, caffeine, chamomile, collagen, or melatonin as the active ingredient. Each of these varieties offers its unique flavors, giving you a total of 17 options to choose from.

HealthVape e-juice contains no nicotine, diacetyl, or vitamin E acetate and is made from an organic, oil-free carrier base. As they are vegan-friendly and non-GMO, disposable vapes pre-loaded with these formulations are an excellent choice for anyone looking to curb their nicotine addiction and get a daily dose of vitamins in the process.

Remember that some reviewers commented that these vapes lasted only a short time. Each pen is rated for approximately 450 to 500 inhalations, so heavy vapers may have better choices.

Click here to learn more about Health Vape

4. Vitamin Vape B12 Vaporizers

Vitamin Vape B12 Vaporizers

Not to be confused with HealthVape products, these vape pens are similar to the ones we just mentioned but have subtle differences. The big differentiator is that the Vitamin Vape e-juice formula focuses exclusively on vitamin B12 and only comes in a single mango-flavored variety.

While this limited selection might not be for everyone, this no-nonsense, discreet, and easy-to-use pen might be just what you're looking for. Anyone interested can also purchase a larger pod-style device with a longer life cycle.

Do note that Vitamin Vape reviews are somewhat limited, and those that appear on the company’s site are hand-picked. Additionally, these safe, no-nicotine vapes are meant only to be used once daily, so they might only last for a little while if you're a heavy vaper.

To learn more about Vitamin Vape, click here

5. Monq Aromatherapy

Monq Aromatherapy Diffusers in purple Zen variant

Monq sells a variety of non-nicotine aromatherapy and diffuser devices catered to different needs. Whether you're looking to mellow out, focus at school or work, or need help falling asleep, Monq has the safe, zero-nicotine vapes to meet your needs.

These nicotine-free vapes use natural ingredients like caraway, parsley seed, and organic USP glycerin. Customers remark that the flavors are robust without being overpowering and that users are left feeling refreshed after using these devices.

Note that each Monq vape is non-rechargeable and rated to last between 200 and 250 puffs. There are more long-lasting vapes on the market than these, and they're also a bit pricey. That said, you can save up to 25% when purchasing them in bulk.

Click here to learn more about Monq Diffusers

6. Cyclone Pod

Cyclone Pod in Mint flavor

Cyclone Pod is a brand that specializes in zero-nicotine vapes. While many of its products deserve a spot on this list, we will focus on the brand's best-selling Surge Pods since they'll be the best choice for most people.

You get 6,000 puffs per pod, a rechargeable battery, and a USB-C charging port. The 15 mg of e-liquid is free of harmful ingredients like nicotine and diacetyl. These vapes are designed for those trying to get away from smoking cigarettes or nicotine vapes.

While reviews are generally positive, the most common complaint is that some pods lack flavor — and our test team concurs. Also, these devices are a bit bigger in the hand than many of the other options on this list, which might not be best for those looking to be discreet.

Cyclone Pod vapes are an excellent choice if you want to cut down on waste and don't mind the hassle of replacing the pods.

Click here to learn more and explore the Cyclone Pod product line

7. Inhale Health Anti-Cigarette 2.0

Inhale Health Anti-Cigarette 2.0

Specifically formulated for those who are trying to curb their cravings, the Inhale Health Anti-Cigarette is — as the name implies — designed to be the answer to those pesky cigarette cravings.

This vape uses a rechargeable pod system, meaning you purchase the base device and then replace the pods with ones containing e-juice in any flavor you like, many of which have pretty witty names. Choose between Never Going Bacco (tobacco), Innocent Mint, Peach of Mind, An Apple a Day, and Mango Forward.

Inhale Health boasts fewer flavor options than other brands, so consider that before purchasing. Also, pod systems like this are larger in the hand than disposable vapes, so they aren't your most discreet option.

Click here to learn more about the Ant-Cigarette 2.0

8. Elf Bar BC5000

three Elf Bar BC5000 vapes in assorted flavors

Elf Bar is known for producing some of the most popular nicotine disposable vapes on the market, but it also offers zero-nicotine options. While the BC5000 is typically sold as a nicotine vape, it is available in a zero-nicotine version as well.

You get 5000 puffs per device from a 650 mAh battery. The device also uses a dual coil system to enhance flavor and strikingly vivid designs that are sure to attract attention. And when it comes to flavor options, Elf Bar is second to none.

Just keep in mind that these vapes are designed to provide an intense vaping experience. The flavor and general vaping experience are noticeably more robust than many other vapes on this list.

If you're interested in purchasing Elf Bar Vapes, you can order them from


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Is There a Safe Vape Without Nicotine?

Any nicotine vape juice is inherently addictive and more harmful than those found in non-nicotine vapes. Many people now turn to zero-nicotine vapes, which are specifically designed to provide a satisfying vaping experience without getting you hooked.

To ensure you pick the safest possible option, do your due diligence (like reading this article). Vaping without nicotine will help prevent potential harmful health effects, but you must educate yourself. Familiarize yourself with brands, ingredients, and device functionalities to ensure you purchase a disposable vape that suits your wellness needs.

Is There a Healthy Vape Alternative?

While no vaping product can yet be considered 100% healthy, there are specific alternatives that pose fewer risks than traditional tobacco or nicotine-loaded vapes. Just keep in mind that the term ‘healthy’ should be used only in relation to other vaping devices — inhaling any foreign substances into your lungs carries inherent risks.

That said, if you're looking for the healthiest option, you want to go for a nicotine-free vape alternative containing an e-juice made with safe ingredients like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and natural flavorings.

If you need help figuring out your vape's ingredients, switch to a more reputable brand emphasizing transparency.

Is 0 Nicotine Vape Addictive?

Using a nicotine-free vape is considerably less addictive than using a traditional nicotine vape. Nicotine is the primary addictive substance that causes those who smoke cigarettes to get addicted. Of course, e-cigarettes (electronic nicotine delivery systems) or nicotine vapes can be just addictive in the long run.

That's why many people turn to nicotine-free vaping as a means to break their reliance on this addictive chemical. Even if you're not ready to give up nicotine entirely, opting for a device with nicotine-free vape juice or reduced nicotine vape juice can help you slowly break the nicotine addiction.

Is There Any Safe Form of Vaping?

Nicotine-free vaping is safer than traditional nicotine vapes, but it's essential to understand that "safer" doesn't mean completely risk-free. While eliminating nicotine eliminates the risk of chemical dependency and is associated with fewer health issues, users should still be cautious about the ingredients in those nicotine-free vape juices.

Always shop for high-quality, nicotine-free vapes that avoid harmful substances like diacetyl and vitamin E acetate. Additionally, purchase from brands like ARRØ that are entirely transparent about their ingredient lists.

And remember that while nicotine-free vaping is a far better option than the alternative, the long-term effects of vaping in general are still being studied.

Where Can I Buy Nicotine-Free Vapes?

As vaping without nicotine increases in popularity, more and more retailers are beginning to carry these devices. If you want to buy nicotine-free vapes, you can do so anywhere traditional vapes are sold. Many online retail stores, such as Mi-pod, carry nicotine-free disposables.

When you want to ensure you get the absolute lowest prices available, your best bet is always to purchase directly from the manufacturer when possible. Many brands also offer subscription or bulk discounts for those who are interested.

Conclusion: Nicotine-Free Vapes in 2024 and Beyond

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As the public becomes more and more aware of the risks associated with nicotine and tobacco, nicotine-free vape devices will only become more popular. We hope our guide helped answer most of your questions and will serve you well in the future.

Whether you want to quit smoking or vape without the harmful effects of nicotine, ARRØ Max Plant-Powered Puffs can satisfy your desires without compromising your health. You're opting for a quality vape and a healthier lifestyle by choosing any of the vapes from this list.

Zero nicotine means zero addiction and far fewer health risks than traditional vapes, and that's something everyone can feel good about.

Ready to learn more? Click here to explore ARRØ’s full range of vapes.

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