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The Top Plant-Based Vapes for Healthier Vaping

You care about what you’re putting in your body, and we get it. We’re so over vapes filled with synthetic flavors, toxic solvents, and addictive nicotine. Regardless of where you land on the spectrum of health-conscious consumers, we can all agree that inhaling dangerous compounds is not a good idea. If you can’t tell, we love plant-based vapes.

Vapes made with plant-derived ingredients offer a healthier alternative to traditional vaping. Plus, as they eschew the addition of nicotine, these vapes can help you avoid developing a nicotine addiction (or get through withdrawal so you can enjoy a nicotine-free life).

The best thing about plant-powered vapes is that they’re flavored with natural extracts from real herbs, fruits, roots, spices, and other botanicals. Some companies even offer plant-powered puffs enriched with amino acids and other natural compounds to provide relaxing or stimulating effects.

We’re here to share eight brands that have revolutionized the vaping industry by formulating nicotine-free vape juices with plant-based carrier liquids and natural flavorings.

The Best Plant-Based Vape Pens


Strawberry Kiwi Arro Max vape

If you want a plant-based, nicotine-free vape that provides big, satisfying hits without any harmful ingredients, our ARRØ MAX is the way to go. Each vape provides 5000 robust, plant-powered puffs.

This vape is guaranteed to last you a long time, and you won’t have to worry about the battery running out before you’re finished — it’s rechargeable via any USB-C cable.

Out of all the vapes we’ve reviewed, the ARRØ MAX offers the experience closest to regular nicotine vapes. If you’re trying to quit nicotine, these are your best bet.

ARRØ makes one of the highest quality botanical blends on the market, using just a few simple ingredients including a plant-derived carrier liquid, natural flavors, and real fruit extracts. All nine fantastic flavors will excite your taste buds, including Strawberry Kiwi, Magic Mint, Watermelon Juice, and Icy Peach Rings.

Shop ARRØ MAX vapes here


Ripple+ Power vape

Ripple+ offers a variety of plant-based vape juice formulas, available in a rechargeable pod device or as disposable singles. Both the pods and disposables offer the same selection of natural flavors, and you can expect around 1000 puffs from the disposable (or 500 puffs from each pod).

We love how Ripple+ plays around with extracts and aroma combinations — all derived from organically grown plants — to target different needs. For example, the HAPPY vape includes schisandra and lime-flower extracts to lift your mood while the POWER vape contains ginseng and ginkgo biloba extracts to fight fatigue.

Other formulas from Ripple+ include a green tea and maca combo for mental clarity and a chamomile and lemon balm blend for relaxation. The company also drops limited edition products from time to time, featuring fun and fresh botanical blends, so you’ll want to keep checking back to see what’s new.

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Melli Diffusers

Four different Melli diffusers

Melli offers a line of plant-powered aromatic diffusers for those who want to “enjoy the puff, without the poison.” Other than a selection of fruit-based natural flavorings, these vapes contain only food-grade vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol — the company claims it doesn’t use any ingredients you wouldn’t find in a cake.

Melli Diffusers are available in four earthy flavor blends, from peppermint, prickly pear, and lime to cinnamon, apricot, and fig.

Each disposable vape produces 800 plant-powered puffs. However, a few reviewers reported problems with the non-rechargeable battery not lasting long enough to finish the vape. Additionally, some customers faced long shipping times — and a few never received their orders at all.

Although most reviewers gave the product five stars and raved about the richness of the flavors it provides, these issues are important to keep in mind if you’re going to place an order.

Shop Meli Diffusers here


Burst Strawberry Ice vape

Burst offers some unique plant-powered puffs, delivering pure vitamin B12 to improve energy and focus. This nootropic (cognition-enhancing) blend is specially designed to support your brain. Along with B12, this vape also contains l-theanine for relaxation, which can calm your mind and help you shut out frustrating distractions when you need to focus.

With 300 to 400 uses per disposable diffuser, this vape is on the smaller side. It’s also important to note that Burst only offers two flavors — Banana and Strawberry Ice — both containing real fruit extracts and no artificial ingredients.

Shop Burst Diffusers here


VitaminVape B12 vape pen

VitaminVape makes a fantastic plant-based, nicotine-free water vape. The vape uses a water-based carrier liquid that vaporizes at a lower temperature than other vape liquids.

Like the Burst vape described above, the VitaminVape also contains vitamin B12 to elevate your energy level and overall well-being, but at a much higher concentration. Each 5 to 10 puffs will provide a serving of 133 mcg of vitamin B12, which is over 5,000% of your daily requirement. The company claims this can replace the “buzz” you normally get from nicotine.

VitaminVape offers disposables as well as a Big Cloud pod system with a rechargeable base. Each replaceable pod has 333 servings of vitamin B12 while the disposables have 30 servings. Given that a serving is 5-10 inhalations, each disposable offers around 300 puffs.

These vapes are flavored with organic fruit extract, providing a light mango and citrus taste. They’re also very clean — there are no harmful ingredients or synthetic flavors, and VitaminVape mixes its blend right here in the U.S. under GMP and ISO conditions.

Shop VitaminVape here


Pure Lung Reset vape

Pure, known for making innovative diffusers, carefully crafts each vape with a selection of natural ingredients specifically chosen for their wellness properties. We love this range of natural botanical blends, including a melatonin formula to promote sleep, a calming blend for relaxation, and a caffeine-infused combo to boost your energy.

The company also makes a mullein diffuser formulated to soothe lung inflammation, making it an excellent choice for restoring lung health, especially for those recovering from smoking-related lung damage.

In addition to Pure’s regular products, the brand often releases limited drops, like the current gaming diffuser. Packed with focus-enhancing plant ingredients such as caffeine and l-theanine, this release is tailored to those looking to enhance mental energy and concentration during long gaming sessions.

Keep in mind that Pure exclusively sells disposable vapes, each offering around 400 to 600 zero-nicotine puffs.

Shop Pure Diffusers here

MYLÉ Micro Bar

MYLÉ Micro Bar vape

MYLÉ normally makes nicotine vapes, but the company has just released the Micro Bar, the brand’s nicotine-free line of plant-based disposables.

These vapes are powered by guarana, a stimulating plant that’s often found in energy drinks and is known for reducing fatigue. The guarana extract in these vapes is bound to give you a jolt of energy to kick-start your day or get you through an afternoon slump. Guarana is also an excellent source of antioxidants.

MYLÉ’s plant-based line features only organically derived ingredients, offering five juicy flavors, including Double Apple, Grape Mint, and Kiwi Dragon Berry. Providing 1500 plant-powered puffs per disposable device, this plant-based vape stands out as one of the more cost-effective options.

Shop MYLÉ Micro Bar here


Three HealthVape vape pens

HealthVape comes up again and again when we’re talking about the best nicotine-free vapes. The brand leans heavily toward wellness with vitamin-infused vape pens, highlighting the unique benefits of six different formulas, each available in two distinct flavors to suit anyone’s taste. All the ingredients (including flavorings) are naturally sourced from traceable plant extracts.

We love that HealthVape offers vitamin-infused formulas, like BOOST, which contains vitamins B12 and B6 as well as l-theanine, l-lysine, and taurine — ingredients known for their wellness properties. HealthVape also makes a collagen-infused blend, called RESTORE, which includes additional antioxidants for your whole-body health.

Each formula is available in pods with a rechargeable base or in disposable pens. You can expect 500 uses from the disposable models and about 800 uses from each four-pack of pods.

Shop HealthVape here

Plant-Based Vape FAQs

Person holding dried herbs over a mortar and pestle

Are there plant-based vapes?

Yes! Plant-based vapes are a natural alternative to vaping products containing synthetic or chemical ingredients. They’re widely available — you can buy nicotine-free, plant-based vapes wherever you find regular nicotine vapes.

Most plant-based vapes use vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, both of which come from plant-based sources. These two oil-free liquids are commonly used as a base for vape liquids and are generally considered safe for consumption. Plant-based vapes also use natural flavorings, such as extracts from fruits or herbs, instead of synthetic formulas.

Is there a healthy vape alternative?

If you’re concerned about inhaling harmful ingredients and damaging your lungs, look for healthy vapes and vape alternatives. Each plant-based vape (no nicotine) listed above offers a break from the synthetic flavors and chemicals found in vapes containing nicotine.

You can also buy vape alternatives that don’t include any vape liquid or vaporizing components at all. These vape alternatives provide nothing but flavored air. They’re designed for people who are trying to quit smoking or vaping and want to replace the oral fixation component, without inhaling vapor of any kind.

What is the best vape for quitting smoking?

If quitting is your main goal, you need a vape that helps you handle withdrawal symptoms. The best vape to quit smoking is the vape that helps you deal with the specific challenges you’re facing on your quitting journey.

For example, ARRØ vapes provide a satisfying throat hit that mimics the experience of vaping or smoking nicotine. Other vapes, such as those made by HealthVape, contain plant ingredients designed to produce a sense of calm or a jolt of energy.

Calming vapes without nicotine can take the edge off when you’re experiencing withdrawal-induced anxiety while energizing vapes can give you a stimulating “buzz”, which can be helpful if you currently rely on nicotine for focus or mental clarity.

Embrace Plant-Powered Goodness!

The vapes profiled here provide a healthier, plant-based alternative to vaping, and they’re a great option if you’re looking to quit nicotine or enjoy some botanical benefits. With all the great options out there, you have many exciting flavors and plant-infused formulas to try.

Just make sure the vapes you choose are free from harmful ingredients. Do your own research, especially regarding health or medical claims associated with these products. Buy from reputable brands, like the ones we recommend, and you should be good to go.

For the best plant-based vape pen that provides substantial puffs and a satisfying throat hit, try ARRØ MAX. With a range of fun flavors derived from real fruit extracts, you’ll want to taste them all. Shop the collection today and find your perfect plant-based vape.

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