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Top Natural Vape, No Nicotine Roundup (2024)

Why settle for nicotine when there are so many better options? Natural vaping makes it easy to avoid consuming synthetic chemicals and keep your experience organic. With modern vaping, you can vape vitamins, nootropics, cannabinoids, and about a thousand different flavors. It’s easy to enjoy an all-natural vape, no nicotine required.

When you want to balance all the pros and cons of vaping without nicotine, you do need to find a natural vape that hits the high points while avoiding the lows. If you want quick answers, you should probably just start your search with the plant-powered puffs in the ARRØ MAX that tops our list, but if you’re looking for gritty detail, read on.

What is a Natural Vape?

A natural vape is a diffuser or e-liquid pod that contains organic ingredients, which is to say, ingredients found in nature, not necessarily ingredients grown in a “certified organic” manner.

These ingredients can include natural flavorings made from real fruits, herbal blends, botanical extracts to enhance flavor profiles, or other naturally-sourced compounds. You can find vape producers making such design decisions anywhere it’s possible to substitute for synthetics, such as when using terpenes for more natural aromas.

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Removing tobacco and nicotine from the picture is generally considered done to produce a diffuser that’s less harmful than smoking cigarettes or using vapes with nicotine.

But health isn’t the only reason to use a natural vape. The hope is to provide a more natural vaping experience without artificial additives, which can sully everything from the vape’s flavor to the buzz it produces.

Since “natural vape” is ultimately a subjective term, there’s a wide range of composition between different brands. The best vape to quit smoking isn’t going to be the same device as the best vape for an ultimate sensory awakening. You must weigh many advantages and disadvantages against your specific use case.

If you’re still unsure how to choose a vape, check out our Guide to Buying the Best Nicotine-Free Vapes. Otherwise, continue reading below to find the best natural vape for you.

Best Natural Vapes With No Nicotine

Best Natural Vape Overall - ARRØ MAX

Seven ARRO MAX vape devices in a row.

The ARRØ MAX provides plant-powered goodness to the highest degree. Unlike many competing products, the MAX doesn’t contain diacetyl, formaldehyde, vitamin E acetate, or nicotine. Excluding those chemicals makes this a healthier vape and accentuates each flavor profile to the level of a masterpiece.

Internally, you’ll find a formidable 650 mAh battery. It is large enough to ensure you don’t have to recharge very often but not so large that the MAX becomes too weighty. When it is time to recharge, USB-C gets you back into the game within about 30 minutes.

Combined with an e-liquid tank that delivers around 5,000 puffs, it doesn’t require attention or micromanagement to enjoy the MAX. Ease of use is about as simple as can be. Just draw from the stem to enjoy the highest quality botanical blends.

Speaking of blends, the MAX is available in nine flawless flavors, including the incredibly popular Strawberry Kiwi, the much beloved Gummy Drop, and the highly original Watermelon Aloe Grape. As an all-natural vape, the MAX is in a league of its own. If you’re looking for a top-tier plant-powered vape, start by checking out an ARRØ MAX.

Best for Added Vitamins - HealthVape

HealthVape Mango

Are you trying to replace nicotine with something healthier? HealthVape devices are a pretty good example of what can be done with vitamin extracts. The VITAL Vitamin C is a great example. Though that name focuses on their inclusion of vitamin C, these natural vape pen no-nicotine solutions also have D3, B12, A, and co-enzyme Q10.

As a health-focused vape, it shouldn’t be surprising that its formula is made without vitamin E acetate and diacetyl. Admittedly, the cost-to-puff ratio is a little high. You can only expect about 500 puffs from a single pen. But that’s partially balanced against the VITAL's exceptionally portable pen design.

All natural vape pens like this one are often restricted in terms of flavor options. In this case, the VITAL is only available in mango and minty lime. However, it’s fair to say the citrus flavors do pair nicely with the theme of vitamin C. If you’re trying to find a natural vape to quit smoking, HealthVape is also an excellent choice because of its health-focused formula.

Best Herbal Vape - Ripple+ SOOTHE

Ripple+ vape device covered in honey.

Do you want an experience that’s closer to drinking a warm cup of tea? The Ripple+ Soothe formulation gets pretty close by delivering an excellent aromatic blend of honey and lemon. These devices also contain extracts of chamomile and ginger for one of the more well-rounded flavor profiles you’ll find from an herbal vape.

Ginger and chamomile are supposed to alleviate anxiety and stress, while the honey and lemon combination gives a little boost of energy. Admittedly, the 1,000-puff capacity is a little light relative to the size of the vape.

Another thing worth noticing? Ripple+ will let you print free returns labels to send used devices back, ensuring everything gets recycled. Returning your used devices gets you a 10% discount on your next order, though the higher starting price for these vapes somewhat mitigates the coupon's value.

Best for Minimalism - Sparq Vitamin Air

Sparq Vitamin Air 3-pack

It’s understandable to want to avoid consuming strange chemicals. That’s where a natural nicotine-free vape like the Sparq Vitamin Air comes into play. These devices are based on an incredibly barebones e-juice formula containing nothing more than natural flavors and vegetable glycerine.

The company’s ZERO device is particularly interesting. True to the name, ZERO delivers nothing but flavored air. You won’t find any extra vitamins or other gimmicks — flavor is the highlight. And even though some people might consider these flavor options rather basic, they deliver on what they promise.

If you’re looking for weaknesses, it’s a shame you can only get about 300 puffs from a single ZERO device. That’s on the low end of what no nicotine vapes can offer these days. On the other hand, these vapes deliver pretty excellent portability. If you want to avoid extra chemicals and are looking for high portability, be sure to check out Sparq.

Best for CBD - CBD Living Disposable Vape

CBD Living Disposable Vape Pina

CBD Living isn’t a vape brand, first and foremost — it’s a CBD brand. But it still makes some pretty competitive vaping products.

In particular, its cannabinoid vapes are pretty strong, mainly because they don’t contain the common cutting agents used in many similar CBD vapes. However, they do contain a variety of natural terpenes to give a naturally green aroma.

Each vape is manufactured using CO2-extracted oil, which is also very green. It would be nice if users had more options regarding the strength of the CBD dosage, but the standard 2-gram cartridge is unlikely to draw any serious complaints.

As a CBD-focused product, this type of natural disposable vape nearly always has fewer flavor options. In this case, you're restricted to Pina, Strawberry Banana, and Mango. Each flavor complements the CBD nicely, and the terpenes deliver a lovely natural scent.

Best for Unique Flavors - Aquios Bar

Four Aquios Bar nicotine free vape devices on water.

Some people find that vaping makes them feel thirsty. That’s because the propylene glycol found in most vape products can contribute to dry mouth. But Aquios Bar vapes use a water-based e-liquid that doesn’t run those same risks.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The first drawback is that the throat hit isn’t as satisfying. Another limiting factor is that you can only achieve about 600 puffs per vape pen. The smaller capacity comes with a moderately oversized battery, so you have to recharge less often overall.

The real highlight of these vapes is their extensive flavor options. Many are standard choices, like Strawberry-Watermelon and Pink Lemonade. But you can also find several highly original flavors, like Peace Ice and Sour Apple. Anyone who’s looking for flavor innovations should consider trying Aquios.

Natural Vape No Nicotine FAQ

Is there an all-natural vape?

Most vapes are created with many synthetic chemicals. Some of those chemicals are known to be hazardous to your health. Some vapes make use of fewer synthetic chemicals, such as by removing nicotine, to make for a more natural and generally safer vaping experience. And some vapes, like the ARRØ MAX, provide a fully-natural experience.

Because so many popular vapes are made with hazardous chemicals, it does help to know Where to Buy Nicotine-Free Vapes. Even some famous and reputable brands make questionable decisions in formulating their e-juice. But you don’t need to jeopardize your health to enjoy delicious flavors or natural ingredients.

Just pick up a device packed with all-natural vape juice; no nicotine will cloud your day if you choose such a diffuser.

Choosing the Best Natural Vape

women wearing gray and white sweater walking on seashore

Picking a natural vape requires weighing the pros and cons. You want rich flavors but don’t want to give up a good buzz. You want portability but don’t want to sacrifice battery capacity. The good news is you’ve got options. From standard plant-powered aromatic diffusers to more complex artificial flavors, there’s a vape for everyone and everything.

Picking the right vape is about matching your unique needs and preferences. Even though everyone’s a little different, there are still some vapes you should try ahead of others. And we know the best place to start your journey is by checking out an ARRØ MAX.

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