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Our Favorite Calming Vapes (No Nicotine) for Rest and Relaxation

Many nicotine-free vapes contain energizing ingredients like vitamin B12 and ginseng to mimic the stimulating effects of nicotine. But what if you’re looking for something more relaxing? Say you need a vape that will take the edge off, settle your racing mind, and — when evening rolls around — help you drift off to sleep. Calming vapes (no nicotine) might be just the key.

Thankfully, some of our favorite brands make calming vapes with no nicotine, and they’re widely available online and offline. These vapes often feature soothing plant-based ingredients, such as lavender and chamomile, chosen specifically for their relaxing properties.

With several no-nicotine vapes out there, we’re here to review a few of the best to help you make the right choice. Notably, all the vapes we recommend are free from dangerous ingredients including acetyl propionyl, formaldehyde, vitamin E acetate, and diacetyl — the ingredient linked to popcorn lung.

That said, let’s explore a few of the best brands offering calming vapes, no nicotine included.

The Best Calming Vapes, No Nicotine


ARRØ MAX in Watermelon Aloe Grape flavor

The ARRØ Max is a nicotine-free vape delivering incredible value thanks to its generous capacity. Each vape offers 5000 puffs, which is at least five times more than any of the other vapes we reviewed. As long as you have a USB-C charger, this vape will last a long time before it needs to be replaced.

Free from nicotine, ARRØ Max vapes contain the perfect blend of plant-powered ingredients, including natural flavors from real fruit extracts. ARRØ is transparent about its blend, so you can verify there are no nasty chemicals to be found within.

The ARRØ line offers nine flavor options, including Watermelon Aloe Grape, Peach Berry, Strawberry Pomegranate Ice, and Magic Mint. Every flavor evokes warm vibes and a feeling of no worries.

Because this vape has a larger battery (and more power) than other non-nicotine vapes on the market, it’s guaranteed to deliver maximum puffs. Many reviewers mention the smooth hit it offers as well as the large, satisfying vape clouds it provides.

Shop ARRØ Max here

Ripple+ Relax

Ripple+ Relax vape

The Ripple+ Relax is a vape packed with natural plant extracts that promote a sense of calm. Along with a mood-lifting jasmine scent, this vape includes a soothing blend of chamomile and lemon balm to ease anxiety and restlessness. Reviewers rave about the floral aroma and agree that this vape is great for winding down in the evening.

The device itself is sleek and slim, offering around 1000 puffs with no charging required. When you’re finished, the empty vape is 100% recyclable. Just request a free shipping label from Ripple+ and send your used device back — you’ll get 10% off your next order in return.

Shop Ripple+ Relax here

HealthVape CHILL

HealthVape CHILL in chamomile and lavender

The HealthVape CHILL is another no-nicotine vape with relaxing ingredients, available in both chamomile/lavender and chamomile/lychee formulations. Each botanical blend also contains passionflower, valerian root, and l-theanine — plant ingredients known for their soothing qualities.

Importantly, HealthVape doesn’t use emulsifiers, synthetic ingredients, or cutting agents in its blends. The company also formulates its ingredients in an ISO-certified laboratory, meaning it follows strict quality management practices. This is why we recommend HealthVape as one of the healthiest vapes on the market.

Note that this sleek vape pen provides just 500 inhalations. While this means you’ll need to restock more often, the smaller size also saves you from messing around with chargers. Overall, reviewers love how easy this device is to use.

Shop HealthVape CHILL here


Zen LUVV Labs vape in lavender

The LUVV Labs ZEN is true to its name, providing a zen-like effect thanks to its gentle lavender flavor. This soothing blend contains chamomile, valerian root, passionflower, and l-theanine, with reviewers writing that the calming combination works wonders on stress.

All LUVV Labs ingredients are USP-grade and lab-tested for safety, meaning they meet the stringent purity standards required of pharmaceutical products. The ingredients are also organic and non-GMO, so you can save your lungs from unnecessary trace chemicals.

Keep in mind this vape is on the smaller side — you’ll get about 700 puffs out of the device before needing a restock.

Shop LUVV Labs Zen here

Cloudy Calm Diffuser

Cloudy Calm Diffuser

Cloudy’s Calm Diffuser is another soothing choice, offering a symphony of aromatic notes including natural extracts of lavender, jasmine, chamomile, lemon balm, and l-theanine. Reviewers rave about the relaxing scent, claiming the Calm Diffuser provides the best aromas.

What’s more, Cloudy Calm is the only product on this list that includes ashwagandha, a unique plant known for reducing stress. This amped-up combo can help you chill out when anxiety strikes.

Each disposable device is good for about 600 uses, and you’ll be giving back every time you restock — Cloudy donates a portion of all proceeds to the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Shop Cloudy Calm Diffuser here

Pure Calm Diffuser

Pure Calm Diffuser in Peach Cream

The smallest vape on our list, the Calm Diffuser from Pure, offers just 400 uses per device. As this vape is priced similarly to the others, this relative size disparity makes it one of the more expensive options.

However, this vape does include a few unique ingredients, including vitamin B1 for stress reduction and gamma oryzanol for its antioxidant properties.

The Calm vape no nicotine is only available in peach cream flavor, which comes from a signature blend of peach extracts and natural plant essential oils. Reviewers enjoy the flavor, noting that it doesn’t have the “artificial” taste found in many other fruity vapes.

Shop Pure Calm Diffuser here

MELO Plus Melatonin Diffuser

MELO Plus Melatonin Diffuser in Blue Cloud variant

If you’re looking for a vape containing melatonin to help you sleep, check out the MELO Plus melatonin diffuser. MELO’s Melatonin line offers several dreamy flavor options, from Orange Dreamsicle to Cosmic Berry. The flavors are all derived from organic fruit flavor extracts, so you won’t find any artificial flavors in these vapes.

Reviewers write that the melatonin diffuser “works like a charm” for helping with sleep (without making you feel groggy the next morning). You’ll get 800 puffs out of each diffuser, but since you should only use this vape before bed, it can last quite a while.

Shop Melo Plus Melatonin Diffuser here

VitaBar SOOTHE - Melatonin

VitaBar SOOTHE vape

The VitaBar SOOTHE is another great melatonin vape option. Unlike the MELO vapes, these are only available in peppermint flavor — and reviewers report that the flavor is on the milder side. The vitamin-infused formula also includes passionflower, chamomile, valerian root, and l-theanine to complement the sleep-inducing powers of melatonin.

This is another small-capacity vape that offers 750 to 850 inhalations and does not need recharging. Because the device uses little power, it provides a discreet vaping experience and preserves the beneficial properties of the plant ingredients.

Importantly, VitaBar upholds a commitment to product safety. Both the vape formula and hardware are made in ISO-certified and RoHS/SGS-compliant labs so that you can trust the quality and safety of VitaBar products.

Shop VitaBar SOOTHE here

FAQ About Nicotine-Free Vapes

Can non-nicotine vape relax you?

Absolutely! Many non-nicotine vapes contain plant-based ingredients known for their relaxing effects. Non-nicotine vape brands use herbs like chamomile, lavender, passionflower, and valerian root to promote relaxation. Some vapes also include essential oils with relaxing scents such as jasmine, which has a sedative effect on mood and nervous system activity.

The very act of using a vape can be a calming and meditative practice, especially if you have a habit of vaping or smoking nicotine products. Non-nicotine vapes provide a similar relaxing ritual without the stimulating (or addictive) effects of nicotine. This is one of the main benefits of vaping without nicotine. If you want to relax, vape no nicotine formulations.

What is a calm vape?

Calm vapes are those specifically designed to provide a relaxing experience. These vapes are free from nicotine and other stimulating ingredients, such as caffeine or ginseng. Besides the addition of calming plant-based ingredients, calm vapes can also contain melatonin to help you fall asleep. Sometimes calm vapes include CBD for additional relaxation.

Are calming vapes safe?

Yes, calming vapes are generally safe for most users. Because calming vapes don’t contain nicotine, they aren’t addictive. Still, it’s important to read the ingredients before purchasing a calming vape. Non-nicotine vapes may contain other dangerous substances, such as vitamin E acetate, acetyl propionyl, diacetyl, or artificial flavoring chemicals.

Thankfully, all the vapes we listed above are free from these additives. Our favorite brands all use an oil-free carrier liquid containing plant-based vegetable glycerine, which is considered safe for consumption.

Check out our article on the safety of nicotine-free vapes to learn more.

Is there a vape that helps with anxiety?

A calm vape (no nicotine) can definitely help with anxiety. While vapes containing nicotine may feel calming, this relief is only temporary — studies show that chronic use of nicotine can worsen anxiety.

Instead, choose nicotine-free vapes packed with calming ingredients, like those listed above. Ashwagandha and l-theanine are particularly beneficial for anxiety relief. Look for nicotine-free vapes specifically designed to target anxiety, especially if you’re struggling with anxiety due to nicotine withdrawal.

Find Your Favorite Calming Vape, No Nicotine

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If your goal is pure relaxation, calming vapes without nicotine can help you unwind. Keep an eye out for relaxing plant-based ingredients and try to stick with reputable brands so you can avoid harmful additives. Our guide to buying nicotine-free vapes can point you in the right direction once you’ve decided on a brand.

All of the vapes above likely sound pretty good, but ARRØ Max is the perfect choice if you want a satisfying hit without the stimulating effects of nicotine. Try one of ARRØ’s soothing flavors and find your new favorite vape — no nicotine needed!

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